5 Things Only Moms of Preschoolers Will Understand

Moms: We literally can’t live without them. Mothers are chefs, chauffeurs, personal stylists, and life coaches - yet the world refuses to see them as the full-time professionals they are. We all love our kids, but there’s no denying having little ones of your own is a serious game changer. Being a mom is a full time job, and like any job, motherhood comes with some tricks of the trade only those on the frontline will understand.

1. Mom’s food is always better.

“The grass is greener on the other side” has never been more applicable than during meal time. Even if you give your child the exact same food as yourself, kids will always find yours more appealing. “Oh? You’re having a grilled cheese too? Let me reach across the table and try a bite to make sure it’s really the same.”


2. “Alone time” is a precious commodity.

Strike that: Alone time basically no longer exists. It doesn’t matter if you want to curl your hair, read a book, or use the bathroom by yourself; you’ll have to plan strategically or bring an audience.


3. Spending all day with the kids is never as easy as it sounds.

Hollywood would have us believe spending times with the kids is easy. Nature walks in the park or spending a day at the beach will be relaxing, right? Wrong. Fun comes with a price: your sanity. Look, getting to the beach is hard enough. Add in the threat of getting sand everywhere, little ones getting salt water in their eyes, diaper chafing, and sunburn no matter how much sunscreen you slather on the kids. Maybe a play date at home wasn’t such a bad idea, after all!


4. Bedtimes are for your sanity.

Mom’s know bedtimes aren’t for the kids - they are for you! Finally you can enjoy some child-free time to relax and pamper yourself. Too bad you’re too tired to enjoy it. And by “relax and pamper yourself” we mean go to bed early!


5) You’re suddenly “ok” with gross things.

Eating food that’s been in a toddler’s mouth might have sounded weird. As a mom, you’ve gotten over this - you’re just happy to have any food at all! Fear Factor has nothing on you. You even know everything about your kid’s bathroom habits and are comfortable discussing it with other moms. As a mom, you’ve been dealing with this stuff long enough to realize these things aren’t a big deal. It’s part of being a mom! Don’t worry, you’re not alone.